Good Day Charming. How you? I assume, that the message will find mine you in good an arrangement in spite of the fact that it can a little unexpected for you! I have filled the questionnaire on a site of acquaintances with the request to meet the man who suits me and after passages of some tests to me have given your mail. I assume, that you also, as well as I are lonely and search the significant other. It is frequent men by the first show the initiative in acquaintance. But everyone the person has the right fortunately and who will give to us this happiness if we are not to create it own hands?? For this reason, I send to you this letter and very much I hope, that you serious the man who in search of love of all life, also as well as I. From me to you the request if all it does not call you interest it is simple ignore me! But if you will respond to me I will know, that my letter address has got to the necessary person. Now excuse me, that I and was not presented, and allow to correct it! My name is Ira. I from far cities of Russia Syktyvkar. I think, that you for the first time hear about such city, but even in unfamiliar places for you are available sincere and optimistical women who wish to be carefree near to strong the man! I serious and cheerful the girl. I assume, that you will make sure of it if we continue ours dialogue. I will be to give a lot of information today, but I promise to give the chance to you to find out me better in my following letter and also to send more than mine a photos.

Interested? Please write ONLY to my private e-mail:

With the best regards, Iroka,

Hello xxx ! My apologies for the delay in reply but I only now found
your  letter  in the Spam box. Thank you for your reply. I am so happy
that you have an interest and thank you once again for taking the time
to respond to my email. It is time to tell you more about myself. I am
thinking what to begin with. You know, I did not realize that it would
be  so  difficult.  However,  I want you know more about how I live. I
really do not know how to begin, it is so hard. It seems I had so many
thoughts and ideas just a minute ago, but now I am speechless)) May be
because  I  am  excited?)  I need to calm down and begin… Let me start
with  a  short  story about me. I guess you want to know me more. As I
told  you  before,  my  name  is Irina. I am 28 and live in Syktyvkar,
Russia.  My  height  is  167 cm. My weight is 53 kg. I have never been
married.  I  have  no children. I think you ask yourself why a Russian
girl  writes  you,  don’t  you? I am sure you do. Let me try to answer
this  question honestly and outspokenly. Please be sure that I take it
serious.  I  will write you faithfully, without cheating. Each word in
this  email  is  like  a part of me. Each word comes from my heart. In
each  email  I will open you my soul. May be I should not do this, who
knows.  But I feel I should be honest to you. This way you will see my
inner  world,  my thoughts. I hope you will also write me honestly and
from  your  heart.  Opening  our  souls  we will understand each other
better.  How I look, you’ll see at pictures. You’ll see my appearance.
Reading my email I want you see my inner world. This is very important
to  me.  Ohh my God! I promised to answer the question and did forget.
Can you imagine how many thoughts come to my mind? It seems a million.
)))  I want to tell you about everything in one email. However, let me
to  answer  why I did write you. I had a man, but our relationship run
out  badly.  I  gave  all  my  feelings,  my soul and heart to him and
expected  the  same.  I  wanted  our feelings were mutual. I wanted he
cared  about  me.  I  wanted he just respected me. I really thought we
would  be together for the rest of our lives and I even made plans for
our  future.  The  future  where  we  are  happy  just  because we are
together.  But  he  cheated on me with another woman. And that was the
end.  His  cheating  opened my eyes. Now I understand how blind I was,
now  I  know I lived in an illusion. He used me and it hurts. I was so
busy  with  home  stuff that I noticed nothing and of course I trusted
him.  I  did  everything  for  him.  I  made  a breakfast for us every
morning,  then  hurried  up to my work. My lunch break I spent at home
cleaning  our  apartment and cooking. Then came back to work. I was so
tired  of  it,  but I wanted he felt my love and care. I’m writing you
this now and remember. And this makes me cry. I don’t want to remember
it. Never! I don’t want to write you about bad things that happened in
my  life.  Now I am OK and I feel I am ready to start a new life, I am
ready  for  new  relationship.  But, please, don’t hurt me. I hope you
understand  me.  Another  reason  why  I wrote you is the mentality of
Russian  men.  Most  of them don’t look at the future. They live today
and  don’t  make  any  plans to change their lives to the better. They
don’t  goals  and aspirations in life. Most of men are drinking a lot.
It  is  rather difficult to describe you all the reasons in one email.
But I think you understand what I am talking about. I am looking for a
man  who is thinking about the future, who has goals. I am looking for
an  optimistic  man  who doesn’t stop and moves forward to his dreams.
When  I  watch  foreign films, I see you have a different way of life.
You  just  think  and live in a different way. This is also one of the
reasons why I wrote you. So I love watching movies. I live alone in my
own  apartment.  Sometimes  I  feel  lonely  and  my  evenings I spend
watching movies. You know I love the film “The Great Gatsby” I watched
it  several times. And what is your favorite film? I also love reading
if  I  have leisure time. My favorite book is “Anna Karenina” that was
written  by  the  great Russian writer Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy. I also
love to go out and breathe fresh air. I like to walk in the park, near
the  river,  just  through the streets of our beautiful city. If you’d
like  I’ll  tell  you more about my city in my next email and send you
some  pictures  of it. In my free time I also go to the gym or go to a
cafe  with  my  friends.  Weekends I often spend with my parents. They
live out of the city. I will be more than happy to tell you more about
how  I spend my free time. I just respect your time. It seems my email
is  too long. I don’t want to waste your time. I am looking forward to
your  reply  .  Please  tell  me more about you, how you live, how you
spend  your free time. I am very interested to know you better. Please
don’t  forget  to  answer my questions and send me your photos. I also
send  you  my  photos!  In  the first photo you can see my beloved dog
Mila! She is very small, but very dear to me, because I love pets! The
second  photo  was  taken  near  the river! I hope you love both of my
pics! Have a nice day! Irina.

Hello  xxx! Thanks a lot for your reply. It is so nice that you find
time  to  read  my emails and write me back. My friend, unfortunately,
you don't send me your photo in your letter. Please, do it. So will be
interesting talk , right ?? To be honest I was thinking a lot about my
previous  email  that  I wrote you. May be it was too early to open my
soul.  I  worried  what  you  thought about me after that email. I was
afraid  that you would not answer. Now I see your email and this makes
me  happy  and  makes  me  smile. Thank you once again for your email.
Jonas,  today  I  want  to  tell  you about my job. I want you know me
better and how I live here in Syktyvkar. What to begin with? So, right
now  I am at work. I just have a break. Therefore, I decided to answer
you.  By  the way, all my emails I write you from my work because only
here  I have an opportunity to use the Internet. In my apartment there
is no Internet, because for the Internet Provider it is not beneficial
to  connect  to  the  Internet  only  40 percent of the tenants of the
house.  In  order for the Internet Provider to connect my whole house,
it  is necessary that yet about 20 percent of the tenants of our house
sign  a  contract.  I  hope  this  happens  soon.  I  work  as a sales
consultant  in  a  women's clothing store. I'm a teacher by education,
but  I  had to find a job in another sphere. The paradox is that it is
rather  difficult  to  find  a  job  by  education and teachers job is
low-paid. This is very sad but a true. I would love to be a teacher. I
hope that one day this job will be in demand and well paid. So that my
dream  comes  true.  However,  may  be not in Russia. I really want to
teach  young  people. I want to share my experience with them, instill
in them the right moral values: honesty, justice, sincerity. I want to
teach young people to appreciate the main qualities in life like love,
care,  and  goodness. Unfortunately, in the modern world people forget
about  these  simple  things. Jonas, let’s turn back to my job. I am a
sales  consultant in the clothing store. We have stores all around the
country. My working day is long. I start at 9 am and finish at 9 pm. I
have  a  1-hour  lunch  break.  But  this  is only if we have not many
customers.  Sometimes we have so many customers that I even don’t have
an  opportunity  to  eat  on  time.  But  I  like  my  job, it is very
interesting.  I  love  to talk to people and to help them find clothes
that  suit  them.  Our store is far from my home. I go to work by bus.
Sometimes  after  work  I  go home on foot, you remember I’ve told you
that I love to walk. At morning it takes 20 minutes to get to work. It
takes  me 40 minutes to walk home but I love my way home. After a busy
day,  the  walk makes me relax. The fresh air makes my thoughts bright
and  clean.  I also enjoy our city. It is very beautiful. With my next
email  I will sure send you some pictures of my city and tell you more
about  it. If you’d like of course. Just let me know. When I walk, I’m
looking  at  people  who  hurry up and do not notice the beauty around
them.  They  are  too  busy.  They are in the hectic of their everyday
life.  As  for  me,  there  is  no  need to hurry home, I have time to
admire,  relax and enjoy my time. Nobody waits me at home. But I truly
believe  that  everything  will  change  soon. I believe that love and
happy future finally come to me. I believe that I will find a man whom
I  can give my love, care and tenderness. Jonas, do you find my emails
interesting? I hope so. I close my eyes and imagine how you read them.
You  have  a  kind  smile, and you read my emails carefully. Sometimes
reread them. Am I right? )) Let’s turn back to my daily routine. After
work  and  on  the weekend I go to the gym. I am convinced that a girl
should  be  slim  and beautiful. I love yoga. Practicing yoga gives me
peace of mind and good thoughts. I will tell you just some more things
about  me and return to work. In my spare time I meet with friends. We
can  go  to  cafes, cinema or theater. In summer we go to the lake. In
winter  we  skate.  I  try to diversify my life as much as possible so
that  it  will  not  be  boring.  Ohh, I forgot to mention that I love
horses.  If  I  have a chance, I go to a stable, which is not far from
the  city.  I  take  care of the horses there and ride. I love this so
much!  I  want  to  meet  a man who I can have fun with. The man I can
spend the time interesting. That would be wonderful! I forgot to write
that  on  weekends I visit my parents. They live in a village far from
the  city.  I  will  write  about  them in my next email. Please don’t
hesitate  to  write me about everything happened with you. I'm curious
to  know  everything about your life. Jonas look, my email is too long
again. I passionately wanted to tell you about everything so that time
just  got  away))  But  it's  time  to work. I will wait for your next
email.  I  am  sending you my new photos! I told you that I love yoga.
The  last  photo  was  taken  in  the  yoga  room, but this is more an
acrobatic  exercise.))  In  any  case, I hope you like all three of my
photos! Take care! Irina


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