Hey person! What is your mood today? I expect all is prettygood. I am sending my e-mail and I wish that you arenormal person. It is not thefirstattemptto meet someone online. My past connectionsturned out to be freaks. Creating a actualconnectionis my prioritya im. I take my chance even after all the failures. I will talk a little about myself. You can call me Ira. I live in UA-ukraine, lately I've been thinking more and more about turning my place. I'm afore 35y.o, I appreciate that it is too late, the time ispenetrating. Therefore, I do not have the desire to playfoolish games. I am an educated, kindperson, as well as a nicehousekeeper. I work in dentistry. I have no financial difficulties. It is thesummary of me. If our objectionsmatch, you canrespond me. Tell about youself! If we are interested in each other, I think we havea chance. For now the option is yours.

If you are interested Please reply ONLY to my regular e-mail:

I will be looking forward for your reply. Irinushok


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