How are you today? I hope everything is well.
I am sending this letter and I expect that you areordinary person. 
It is not theprimaryexperienceto find someone in Internet. My previous contactsturned out to be freaks.
Building a realrelationshipis the prioritypurpose. I take my chance even after all the fails. I will correspond a little about my life.
I'm Svitlana. I'm from Ukraine, lately I have been thinking more and more about changing my place of residence.
I am afore thirty five, I realize that it is too much, the time ispenetrating. Therefore, I do not have the possibility to playstupid games.
I am an educated, kindperson, as well as a goodhousewife. I am working in dentistry. I do not have any financial difficulties.
It is theresume of me. When our goalsfit, you couldanswer me. Write about youself!
Whether we are interested in each other, I suppose we haveanability. For now the alternative is yours.
Please write to me on this mail
I will be looking forward for your e-mail. Sveta.
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