Compliments to you and how are you today? i am happy to write to you and thank you for taking your precious time to read my messages.
I am more than happy and grateful to you. I know you will be a good and honest friend. What can i say! OK let me tell you a little bit about myself and with time we will know more about each other OK. I am Dr Joyce Zara born and brought up 24 Bur wood road_bur wood NSW2134, Australia, into a family of three, I am age 39 single with one daughter schooling in Halliburton drive primary school Australian , again Have a Palestinian root too, from my grand parents.
I was raised in a christian family, my father is a pastor he work with Christian Humanitarian Commission.. vision is to bring hope and change for the betterment of sick, poor and needy people.
I attended my high school in basing hall. After then I proceeded to Charles Darwin university of Australia, for my University career and graduated. Presently i work with Queensland hospital as a doctor in medical Department, Serving God is my top priority in life because I believe that nothing ever exists without the permission of God, this makes me to believe in the joy of friendship, a thing that has given me the opportunity of knowing you. 
So how are you coupling with life? How is your country? l have not had any opportunity to be outside of my country to any other country except Singapore, Sweden and Haiti.
I hope my knowing you will make an avenue for me to be there some day by God grace. 
This is just a little about myself and i hope you will tell me about yours, your nation, occupation and everything that is worth knowing about you OK. Please I am here strictly for friendship and maybe more with time.
Attached here are some of my pictures, Please i want to see any of your pictures.
Best Regards. 
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