Hello, dear Kevin!
I'm so glad to see what you wrote to me! It is so nice to me because I don't know how to use
The Internet is good, and it's some kind of magic to see that that person sent you a message so far, and I started
feel that the distance is not as big as it seems !!!
I think it’s time to talk about me:
My name is Elena. This is just a name and very popular with us. Many people in our country have this name, but this is not
means we are alike !!! I live in a small town. I think, Kevin , that everyone can find something for their soul in their place. Maybe it can be nature can be a climate or good people! The name of my city is Saransk. It is about 850 km from our large capital of Moscow. It is a small town, but very beautiful. Maybe I say that because I live there! I like my town. Maybe you tell me about your hometown? It will be interesting for me, because I have never been in a foreign country and have never seen something different from my country!
You can see my appearance on my photo! I hope you will like it! I think this is the important part
if you love the physical part of a person. My height is 175 cm, and my weight is 56 kg. I am a natural brunette, as you see in my photo! I am 32 years old, but I am very good. Do not you think so?
I'm just curious. I can be called pretty cute! I am kind, intelligent, open, understanding, positive relate to our life, sociable, calm (but not always, of course). I like to communicate with people and show interest to them!
Tell me about your character and your sights?
I would like to know more about you, and I hope that you will tell me more in the next letter!
I think the world is too big to sit and wait for their love in only one place. Why can't we try to find our
a man somewhere in this big world? I think it is very fast! I am a romantic person, and I think that for us nothing is impossible. I am looking for a serious relationship, and I want to find love and understanding. It is very important for me. I have met people in Russia, but their way of thinking is very different from my position. I am serious and I am sure that I will find my personality, my beloved! For this we need to know each other well and see what can happen? Do you agree?
I have never communicated with the Internet before, but I think everything will be fine! It is quite difficult
but I try my best. I know English and I write it myself, and I can speak English.
My school teacher helped me know this well! Therefore, I hope that you will read my letters well.
If you do not just ask me, and I will try to write to you again, and you will understand my questions!
I believe that this will not prevent our communication! I want to talk to you! I think it's great when two people who are so far away can tell a lot to each other! I will tell more about me in my next letter, and I look forward to your very impatient !!!! Please tell me about you, I would like to know! And maybe you will send me a new photo! That would be great!
Now I think this is enough for this time! I will be waiting for your letter. Elena
Ps. Also, thank you for your photo, you are very beautiful in the photo, and I am very glad to meet you.

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