Hello there Werner!
I have problems with my old mailbox. When I send you a letter, I get an error. Therefore, I ask you to use this e-mail.
I'm very happy to write to you on this wonderful Friday. Sorry I couldn't write to you before. There were very difficult days and I just physically did not have time to do it.   Thanks for your photos, I am very pleased. 
    I am extremely happy that you reacted to my little mail.
As you may know already I'm Kateryna. But my friends call me Katya. I am 26 years old, And i reside in Ukraine the city is called Kharkov.
It's better for me to have a dialogue in The English language, therefore please lets write in English language. I must ask you to read my letter very carefully, it really is important to know your opinion regarding the things I m sharing. 
Centered on your feedback, I will see if it is sensible to continue our dialogue further or not.
Just do not worry, I'm not irritated or anything. Tend not to fast assumptions, go through this message till the last word and then if you want, you may jump into assumptions or conclusions. In truth, I'm pretty decent and tender. It is simply personal life quite often causes a person always be cautious and inappropriate since of a good number of cases of lies and simply nasty things on the Internet.
I absolutely favored and so i think that you liked me too.
Who really knows exactly where this conversation is going to end up, but I hope you and I will be at least wonderful friends.
    Right now I am university student also now and I'm studying at Kharkov National Medical University. Then again much more this in the subsequent mail.
 I prefer individuals who actually are not scared of true opinions from the rest about themselves, I love folks who aren't frightened of opened phrase of wishes.
    I apologize if perhaps my English skills are not really good. I'm able to speak good English by speaking, but unfortunately, I make grammar mistakes while writing.
    I enjoy having fun, I love jokes and I have got a happy persona. You will not get bored with me.
Concerning my age. I think that age is definitely not the primary matter in the relationship between two people. The most essential factor is definitely the power to appreciate and honor! In fact, solely in love you are likely to identify a person truly. The spirit as well as the pure emotional heart are just about the most crucial elements of a person. Age is not important.
As the saying goes, true love comes at all age ranges.
I value and simply like individuals who are actually near me. I really hope that you become very close to me because I really like you.
In rare cases occurs for me that somebody i really like initial eyesight. I'm actually very fussy when it comes to people.
But you promptly attracted me with a little something. I have no idea what. I recently liked you on a unconscious level or whatever.
You are aware of just how it takes place, one person likes it, a different one doesn't. On a subconscious phase. I do know most people well.
I do not ought to boast regarding it, yet it is actually true. Although I am not too old at this time, I am only 26 years, on the other hand Went through a challenging personal life and had to grow up early.
Now I'm expecting proper protection from someone, but I just rely on my own self. This taught me to rejoice in every single instant of existence, never lose heart and never to grumble regarding luck. The truth is, all of us are the builders of fate themselves. Can you consent to my words?
    I also wish to discuss a single issue right away, there is a lot of deception on the Internet, I came across this when communicating with people before.
A lie with a lot of deception and sometimes it seems that I'm communicating not with a real human, but like with the machine software.
I want to be sure you are a real human, I must get in touch with you.
I would like to listen to your voice and make sure you happen to be a real human being. Please leave me your contact number and I'll contact you.
I want to claim straight away if you just need my naked pics, and in case i did not interest you as a character, in that case please do not reply. Many guys have attempted to trick me into getting my images. Someone said that he loved me, by making different compliments, offering loads of money, and yet in case if I don’t like a person.
And so the instant guys realized the following, they quickly gone away. It was rather painful and offensive to me.
I mean I'm really not against honest photographs when ever I wish to, I most certainly will capture intimate images and forward all of them to you in case you want.
    I wish to see your letter as soon as possible. I would be very interested to know more about who you are!
Tell me more about who you are, all about your country, place in which you attain. This is certainly interesting to me.
I have a major request for you, you should answer all my questions and let me know what you think about the whole thing I wrote. It really is important to me.
Please do not disregard about me, respond as soon as possible.
The best! Sincerely yours Katya.
Take care.

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