Hello Elias.
On one of the dating sites. I went there using the advertising link and paid $ 3. There I found your address and decided to write.
Our acquaintance is rather unusual and intriguing ... haven't you found? But I like! My sister says you need to keep up with the times. And she seems to be right! So I got to this dating site.
I am 43 years old. I live in Buzuluk Russia. It is a small town. I work as a seller in a toy store. I wonder if our countries are very different, maybe people have you been to Russia? What do you do for a living? I will be glad if you tell more about the place where you live.
I live alone, I have a lot of time for my hobbies. Now you will help me brighten up the evenings. My sister lives separately ... with her husband. In my free time I like to read books, spend time with my mom, ride a bike. Common hobbies like everyone else! Enough about me. If you want to know more then ask. Tell me about yourself, about the place where you live.
Hope to chat later.
Have a good evening Ekaterina.

Fuck you fucking fagot.

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