Hello my new friend Elias!
I'm glad you wrote me a letter.
I am glad that now I can speak with you and send you new letters.
I hope that you will tell me a lot of interesting things about yourself.
Now I will tell you about myself.
I am an adult girl and I am already 35 years old.
I want to find true happiness and great love.
I live in Russia in the city of Shakhunya.
This is the Nizhny Novgorod region.
I live with my parents.
If you are interested, then I can also tell you about my parents.
Please tell me how you are doing with covid19?
Everything is still closed with us and I don’t work.
It is hard not to work.
What do you have in your country?
I am sending you my photo.
I also hope that you will send me your photos.
I will wait for your letter.

It's again Katy.
I wrote you a letter, but you did not answer.
Do you receive my letters?
I will make a new address and therefore write to me at this address
Because your emails go to spam.
So I'll make a new email address.
Hope you still want to get to know me.
I will be glad if you write to me.


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