my love! nice summer Tuesday  ! for me because I came and receive from
you email my love! honey, it's nice for me that i'm getting email from
you! I thought you were finding yourself another woman! and now when i
get email from you! I understand that you also take seriously our
relationship with you! dear I write to you and tears run from my face
because I am very grateful to you that you are in my life! For me was
the first day off in 4 weeks! when i didn't work! and had a day off
Sunday and today I have a day off! and my colleague on my new job!
invited me to go watch a movie! on the street cool weather! and we
decided to go to the movies! honey i watched a movie and thought about
you! honey i will believe that summer is in your swing! and you have a
pleasant time! and I can receive email from you! Dear, I also helped
my aunt at home today! to prepare her house for the winter season! in
my country there is a tradition when all people go to the cemetery on
August 2! and before this holiday there is another tradition to do a
big wet cleaning throughout the house! Honey I love you! darling very
soon begin 3 month of summer! and I believe that we will be together
in August and we will have a good time my love!
 yours Botagoz

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