Hello to you, Luis!!!

How  are  you?!  I  am so sorry I have made you wait for my answer for
such  a  long  time  but this terrible war zone and its regime and its
constant  problems  with  electricity,  all kinds of connection do not
give  me  any  chance  to be on line every time I want and need and to
stay  on line to write you an answer but I hope for your understanding
and moral support, ok?! I do not want this communication to be stooped
because it has just been started and I FEEL has a great future, do you
agree with me?!

I  am  Nadya  as  you  know,  I am 30, I finished school and of course
graduated  from  the  university,  the  faculty of design and clothes`
modeling.  I  live  in  a  war zone of Ukraine, Lugansk city, have you
heart  about  our  conflict?!  I  work as a simple sewer right now who
makes  long  jeans  shorter and wide dress tighter. I am looking for a
serious  relationship with a mature foreign man. Will you tell me more
about  your  inner personality and your intentions of being here, your
life  style  and  plans  for  future? What kind of a lady can make you
happy and your life totally complete?! I will be glad to answer any of
your questions as well)))

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