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Att: xxx,

We presume that you are doing good and are at the great pink of good health.
The Bank Authority has be made to understand that probably you don't want to reclaim your fund, as your out of communication and silent explained it all, hence you are also aware that your fund has been long abandoned here.
Which resulted the Bank Authority to submit your fund file to the Auditing Committee so that your long abandoned fund will be accounted for, now that the Audit committee are on the severe financial audit of the year.
Meanwhile it is important to inform you that the Nominated 2019 Bank Auditing committee under the leadership of their Chairman requested that hence you were unable to reclaim your abandoned fund, that the Bank Authority should also forward your fund file to the Court for the record and to enable ascertain your fund disclaimer form.
And the Court have issued and send your fund disclaimer form, which you are required to sign and return back the disclaimer form to give your consent of disclaiming your fund and approve of the confiscation of your fund to the Government treasury. 
So the Bank Transfer Director forwarded your fund disclaimer form, and request that we should forward the disclaimer form to you immediately to enable you sign and return the form to give your consent of losing your fund and give the approval to confiscate your fund to the government as reclaimed fund, if you don't want the fund.
You are hereby required to sign and return your fund disclaimer form immediately, to enable the audit committee to authorize the confiscation of the fund to the government as unclaimed fund, hence they are on the finance audit of the year.  
Best Regards,
Western Union Money Transfer Agent Location, EMS Post Office.
Registered No: 1026167.
Head Office: PO Box 6992 Greenwood Village, Co.
80155-6992, Cotonou Benin Republic.
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