My dear friend. 
I am sorry for bothered u. In reality, I'm sick of being single and decided to try out Net dating site! I rely on that this action will be a new stage in my future whole life. First of all,to know me better I want write a little story about my person for you! I want, that the written exchanges between us will proceed, and you are interested and open my letter. I don't sure how to begin my story. I am never tried to describe to someone my person in the letter before. I'm can describe my character as the solar, determined, outspoken girl. I am a kind girl though at the same time I'm a self-confident,  girl. I 've usual like genuineness outspoken and forthright. I expect you're interested, that our written exchanges will proceed. In the next e-mail, I would like to read more about you, your way of life. I'm sending you my photo. I hope that u like it, and we can get acquainted more. 
Best wishes, Kristi.


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