How are you?
My name is Kristina!. I am 29 years .
Probably you are surprised where did I have seen your e-mail?  I want to have serious relations, I want to have the partner in life and I have applyed in agency of acquaintances. They gave me yours e-mail, and I think , I have written correctly your e-mail address. And my letter will come to you . This is my first letter to you just to to see your correct address. 
Also, I am sending you one photo so you will be able to see me . I will show you a little bit about myself, and I will send some of my photos in my next e-mail to you. 
Maybe, you will be interested, when I will tell you that I am not the resident of your country.I am from Russia. I hope it does not scare you.  I am the same lady with clear soul, big heart and high spirit that living in other different countries.
I hope you will contact me and we will start to write e-mails . If the destiny will be successful to us, we will build relations. I hope you will write me a little about yourself and will send me some photos. 
Reply me on my Email:
Best regards, Kristina.


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