Hello, my lovely soulmate. 
I`d like to make it clear that I`m dreaming about strong relationship. 
I`m not looking for not serious person who looks only for sex and naked photos. 
I am single for 1 year and since then I have come across into only daffy maniacs and sex-hunters for one night on the Internet. 
I am a read girl who seeks a lifelong relationship abroad, since the time i want to leave this country forever. 
My name is Mashechka. I am afore 35y.o and I live in a large city in Ukraine. 
I guess you know something about my country. I am a highest category doctor and have a job in a private hospital in this city. 
I have already been to different countries many times and therefore I want to live in another country. 
Who knows, maybe this country will be yours...) I believe you will read my e-letter thoroughly. If you are an honest and candid man, I am looking forward to your letter. 
But if you are an ordinary adventurer, who needs only sex and naked photos, please, do not answer me. 
Although, it will be clear from the way you write to me. 
So I would be happy to receive your letter and to know more about you. your lifestyle and hobbies. 
For me, I will be definitely honorable and open with you. 
We will meet if we like each other at once. 
Answer me to my mail address: 
Looking forward to hearing from you, Masha.


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