How are you doing today over there?
 I hope all is well with you, i am also happy to have you here as a friend, i must confess you are not arrogant the way you write your words, your so polite and calm in your sentences, my mind tells me that you must be a very good person. I will be happy to hear that am welcomed to meet you in person, so that i will be there as soon as my mission is over by end of next month. I will like to meet you by then, i do not want to waste my time with someone that does not want to be committed.
I cares to know more about you so that we can be close friends and also partners for now and see how it develops since i have the intention of visiting your country,  because i will like to open a big hospital there and investing there too once my mission finishes here, i really need someone with good heart, honest and trustworthy in order to achieve my plans establishing a good hospital and other investments too.
I have made some inquiries and find out that the cost of investment in that your residential country is not that high compared with other countries, i will like you to be like a good friend, partner and adviser. I do not have any business ideas and i would like you to assists me in making the right decision or choice of business but the hospital establishment is sure.
It has not been easy here at all, and you know we are not allowed to make use of so many facilities here because of security reason, such as cell phone's banking Institution and some other electronics devices, but we have computer room, right at the moment i am inside computer room to send message to you.
We are in a very terrible country. I can tell you that this place is the most dangerous place in the whole world, the terrorist have lodge so many attacked on us and so many of our able gallant soldiers have lost their life in the cold hands of the Kabul terrorists. I am separated with my husband  because of this job, but now i finally want to resign, settle down and have a peaceful life.
I will be waiting to hear from you soon, have a lovely day. My regards to your family here I hope to hear from you again, please do take care of yourself and have a nice day.
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