How are you doing my man! I understand that is surprising for u, but I request you to read the letter of mine all hollow. Read my message, please. Why do you suppose I wrote to you? I desire to meet for a deep relationship. My name – Elena (for friends Lena). I’m 36 years old, I am from Russian Federation. I'm alone and I do not have relations at the moment. I am searching for a serious minded person to make a family. Games, deception, dirty men and sending undraped photos - I ’M NOT INTERESTED IN!!! Just don’t give an answer to my e-mail if u 're interested in games and other banality. I am not searching for a very immature man and very impecunious man. No necessity to slumber away time and to write letters. I am waiting for receiving some details about you! Please,give me your name. I am from Russian Federation and where are u from? What is your age? I desireto be loved and respected by my future marital partner. He must have a great soul and a tender heart. I believe I was not mistaken when I texted to you?

If you are interested Please answer ONLY to my personal mail box: lenaruss83@gmail.com

I'm waiting for your letter. Lenusha,

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