What'sup my sweetheart. I am a lonely girl who is looking for a serious relationship! I am here to find my soul mate with whom I could build a real and long-term relationship based on sincerity, trust and love. I hope that I will interest you and you will write to me. I was very disappointed when my past relationships failed, after that I did not want to look for other relationships. I have no children. I want to live a long and happy life with my loved one. And in turn I will do my best so that my man is always happy with me. In a relationship with a loved one, trust and mutual respect are very important to me.

Interested? Please write ONLY to my personal mail box:

I will look forward to your reply, I hope for a quick reply Elluska,

Hey Elias!
Thank you for your letter. How was your day? My grandmother came to see me today. She missed me. I try to visit my grandmother almost 
every weekend and in your free time. But there's so much work to do right now. I usually work without any schedule. Sometimes I have hard days. 
Sometimes you have to work on the weekend, if of course it requires work. So my grandmother didn't wait and came herself. She lives in 
the village is 20 km from the city, so it is not a problem for her. My grandmother is 70 years old, but she still feels young. She says, 
that the fresh air in the country and work help her in this. If she stops working and moves less, she feels old age approaching. 
That's why she still does her own housework and gardening. My grandmother has a garden in her yard where she plants flowers in the summer, 
vegetables and fruits. In the summer, I often come to her to help with the garden. I also love flowers, especially tulips. We had a long talk with 
her during the lunch break. My grandmother and I never keep secrets from each other. And of course I told my grandmother about you. I hope that 
do you mind? Because this is really very good news for her. She has long wanted me to have a favorite man. Now 
she'll be waiting for me to bring her your photos. If you don't mind... 
I will try to tell more to my family. I hope this will also be interesting for you... 
I already told you that my parents work as hydrologists. They are very rarely at home, so my grandmother was fully engaged in my upbringing.
But this does not mean that I love my parents less than my grandmother. My parents gave me an education. My parents taught me to respect kindness, 
honesty in people. When they arrive home, we spend time together all the time. They really wanted me to be a geologist as well. But I 
I chose the medical school. Maybe my grandmother gave me a love of medicine, because she worked as a doctor before retiring. Grandma teaches 
I'm interested in everything she can do. I also like the cleanliness and comfort of the house. I'm good at cooking, like my grandmother. Except for my grandmother and parents, 
as well as my best friend Kate, I don't have people close to me. I'm glad I have you now!

Since the beginning of our acquaintance, the only thing that has scared me a little is that I live thousands of kilometers away from you. I was afraid that you wouldn't even 
you'll want to recognize me. Or you won't take me seriously because of the distance between our countries. So now I want to tell you, 
that I'm not afraid of the distance between us. This distance is several hours of flight by plane. I hope you understand that as well. 
So I don't think it will be a problem for us if we really want a solid relationship. I will repeat a firm relationship, 
because that's the only relationship I need. I hope you agree with me??? I want you to be honest with me. If 
if you don't like something about me, it's better to say it right now, at the beginning of our acquaintance. I don't want us to keep secrets from each other. 
I ask you to answer my questions. Ask me and I will also tell you more about me. What else do you want to know about me?
Elias, I hope to receive your letter and photo soon. Will you send them to me? I'll be waiting.
With respect, your Ella


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