Thank you for getting in touch with me Birger , I appreciate the fact of you telling me more about your self , I’m also 40 years of age and I have never been married , I have no kids and I haven’t thought of having any yet . 

First of all you sound very hard working since you have worked for the same company for several years , I think they really do appreciate your work , And i think we have the same chemistry since you enjoy music and movies on your leisure time , I also enjoy the same , I like to dine out sometimes with my friends but I keep my circle small , I really don’t have much friends but life still goes on perfectly , 

I understand everything you have been through in the past and you shouldn’t let that affect your present because life has it ups and downs and everything happens for a reason so we always seek out for a better tomorrow and a great future , I have been through a lot in my last  too but I don’t think because of one bad relationship that didn’t work out should keep me single forever , I am ready to love and be happy , I have a big heart and always love with all my heart . I’m always honest to my man and I look forward to the same from
Him because love goes where love is , Moreover I think I am the right woman for you and I hope we can make this relationship grow stronger so we can be able to embrace greatness in love together soon 🙏

Thank you 
Kisses and hugs 🤗


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