sorry for been late in my replied
How are you doing ? i am glad to get your reply, i will start by introducing my self first,
my full name is Miss Magdlin Buba,fair in complexion,173cm tall,black eyes and black long hair.
i m writing you from Republic of Senegal where i have been residing in a refugee home,after the brutal murder of my parents by some rebels,during the political crisis in my country Central African Republic.
My late father DR, AHMED BUBA , was chairman managing director of ( BUBA INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LTD),Bangui) in my country Central African Republic,and he was a Business man and a politician before the rebels attacked my house one early morning killing my mother and my father,haven't finish up my education and  I need who will make use of my fathers wealth and get me through in life,
I hope you will still like me after hearing all this because i know,a lot of people do not like hearing matters like this,i do not even like telling people the story ,but i guess i have  to be real open to whom ever will have to be my friend,because what i really need in this period of my life is a real friend whom i can share secrets with,i just hope you are the one. So,this is my world,now you tell me more about your self ok. In my next letter, i will tell you what i like,and enjoy most and more about me, not now because i know some people do not like long letters or probably do not have the time. Attached here is my photograph when i was with my parents,i hope you will like it,I am not all that photogenic sorry i do not have plenty of photographs because of my living condition,I hope to hear from you soon.thanks Magdlin  

magdlin,.jpg magdlin.jpg 

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