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One of the implications of Capitol Hill scurrying to make marijuana legal is that Americans all over will be allowed to grow their own plant.
CYLC may become the GO TO SOURCE for cultivators all over!

According to Green Coast Hydroponics, the GROW BOX 5k "is the most advanced Grow System" they have EVER seen!
Modern technology has now allowed for the growing of cannabis inside your own home and with the ease of your smartphone.

CYLC’s GROW BOX 5K is fully automated and can be controlled from your smartphone which means you can set it up and walk away. Multiple Grow Boxes can also be linked together and controlled from a single interface.
The news from Capitol Hill last month was MAJOR for the marijuana industry and for the sizable market CYLC may have to look forward to.
More Americans are in favor of marijuana legislation than ever before according to the latest Pew Research and could consider planting their own plants at home.

CYLC is looking like a ground-floor situation that could zoom higher as more Americans consider growing the plant themselves instead of going to dispensaries.
Wall Street is about to get a major wake up call to this thriving and exciting Cannabis company and it could be my next cannabis alert set to EXPLODE!
CYLC is in a unique position thanks to technicals and fundamentals to take-off on Wednesday. If you're looking for Triple-Digit Gains then make sure you're in a position to take part in the reward by taking a look at CYLC immediately before it's too late.

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