Hello My Dear ,

  How are you? I have to admit that you are really wonderful person. I like you and I believe that our meeting was not by a chance or accident but it was predestined by God so that we together, we would be able to discover God's plan for both of us. Once again my name is Marian Harry, I am 31 years old. a native of Buffalo New York , United States of America. I am happy to find you in my present and I will like to be associated with you, what I desire is simply in your attribute I have to bring love to my world again because I am a single mother. i lost my husband three years ago in a car crash. I have a daughter who is 4 years old. My daughter's name is Betty. She is a good and intelligent girl and i take her to high esteem because she is my carbon copy. I work as regular military personnel in America army serving the last batch of soldiers in Afghanistan. Though the war is over we are consolidating the security frame work and assist the security forces in training till next year but I am coming home for my retirement as soon as possible.

There is usually a smile on my face and I have been blessed. I have my own story of setbacks in life but in spite of everything i never stop being grateful to God for his mercies upon my life and all the experiences that i have been exposed to. I am a fun loving woman, jovial, Kind, easy going, lovely and passionate woman. I like to have fun, work, travel, Play, and smile. I think of myself as being clever but harmless. My Hobbies include jogging, music, horse riding, traveling, swimming, cooking etc. Please check your attached you will see my photos. And also please, feel free to tell me more about yourself and also send your photos to me

  I hope to hear from you soonest.

Best regards and God bless you. 
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