Hi, I haven’t received an answer from you today. Did you get my
letter??? Or didn’t you have time to write me ??? If so explain to me
why you cannot write this to me. I can understand that you have work
and homework. You can write to me after a working day. If you need it
It will not be difficult. Writing a letter takes 15-20 minutes.
maximum. I am writing to you from the workplace, because at home I do
not have the opportunity to write. Waiting for an answer.Your Marina

Hi Josef !

How do you? What is the weather like in your country today? I'm so
glad you're keep writing me! Today I didn’t sleep well and I was
tired. express my thoughts. But still I will try to give you a normal

Thank you for replying to my letter. I see that we have something
overall. I think that many people have one reason to look. partner
online? Do not you think so? There were several in my life important
stories, but the most important one is past relationships. The last
relationship with a man lasted almost 3 years, but unfortunately It
ended badly ... Once I was just tired, packed up and went to mom !!!
You ask why? It's simple! I'm tired to melt his ice I am tired of
warming our relationship only with my fire.

Not!!! In the beginning, everything was fine. We lived like normal
people. Work, trips to parents, trips to nature, trips to cinemas. But
a few years later I noticed that there was already no such fire in him
that was before. His feelings are cold. I tried to save our
relationship. I tried to communicate with him more. I tried to
surprise him in the kitchen. I gave him more space. I did everything
in my power to we had a really full relationship. I tried to create
everything conditions so that he feels comfortable in our house. But
all this he does not appreciated. The more I tried, the more he moved
away from me. is he started screaming at me more and more. Reproach
me. Make claims. I I think that he just stopped loving me and I did
not tolerate it. I took my things and moved to my mother.

After several years of solitude, I decided to look for a new one.
satellite On the advice of my friend Marina, I decided to try getting
to know each other. with a man on the internet. I was ready to start
everything from scratch.

Josef , tell me how you see your new relationship? What would you
wanted from them? Of course I will be glad if you tell me your thoughts on
about this ..?

Till tomorrow...

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