I am so happy to receive your response. My name once again is mary
johnson,My parents are dead long time ago and my only brother died in
an auto car crash some 2 years ago;i am the only liveing daughter (May
their soul continue to rest in the Lord). Meanwhile, being single for
some years, I am now looking for a man who will love me and not for
what I have he have too, am looking for true love to spend the rest of
my life with. I am a loving,generous person who takes care of the
people in his life. Yes i will love to vist Germany hometown
> Düsseldorf.

I am passionate about things, and have a deep respect for others. I
treat everyone I meet with kindness. I just believe in being 100% real
and genuine. I believe that there is a special person out there who
will love and appreciate me for who I am as woman who appreciates
kindness, respect, attention, affection, and honesty. Someone with
energy and enthusiasm to participate,I am a very open minded person,
someone who accepts people as they are,

compassionate and self-confident person with a good sense of humor
(that’s what my friends say). I enjoy a variety of activities
including the theater, movies, sports (I’d rather watch than play),
traveling and sipping wine while listening to music.

I wish deep in my heart you could see the way I feel. I love it when
you say you care about me.but try and send me your phone number so
that i can talk with you on phone.

Hope to hear from you soon. Until then have a pleasant time with a
beautiful smile on your face.

Remain blessed,
 Mary Johnson

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