My beloved ,
I have been trying to reach you for some days now regarding your long over-due cheque which you have been finding it difficult to help me I have arranged your payment through International ATM VISA CARD. Which will enable you withdraw the money in any ATM Machine near you in your country or any part of the World.
The will send you an International Swift ATM CARD ( VISA Card) from our UBA Bank, which you are to use in Withdrawing your funds via ATM MACHINE location any where in the world, and the maximum daily limit withdraw valued sum at £350,000.00 If you desire to receive this funds now then you should contact (Dr Billy Moore) with the details below only for your ATM Visa card.
Résidence Galle Yangue Yoff Route de l'Aéroport
Note that All you just need to do is to send  mail to the  Mr. Billy Moore  emails  as  i instructed you  to Dr Billy Moore, So he will facilitate the release of your ATM VISA CARD and immediate shipment to your door in 48H. Kindly send your details to him so as to facilitate the immediate release of
your ATM VISA CARD from there UBA Bank immediately.
Thanks for your co-operation.
Your friend,
Sgt Ma.sheila
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