Hi, my lovely mate. I`d like to let you know that I want to have serious relationship. I`m not going to waste my time with a facetious person who needs only sex and naked photos. I have not been dating for 1 year and since then I have seen only crazy energuman and sex-hunters for one night on the Internet. I am a literate person who seeks a reliable relationship abroad, from the time I want to move out from my country forever. You can call me Natalia. I am along 35 years old and I live in a great city in Ukraine. I think you heard about this country. I am a highest category doctor and work in a private hospital in native city. I have already travelled to some countries many times and now I would like to leave my country. Maybe it will be your country...) I hope you will look through this e-letter accurately. If you are an straight and sincere human, I will be waiting for your message. Though, if you as other guys do not know what is real love and think only about physical satisfaction, then please do not write me ever. Although, it will be clear from the way you write to me. Therefore, I want your next letter to tell as much as possible about yourself, your city and your lifestyle.. I also promise to be as honest and sincere as possible in my letters.. We will easily arrange our meeting if we like each other.

If you are interested Please answer ONLY to my regular mailbox:

Looking forward to hearing from you, Nata!


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