Hello. Good morning. It's a pleasure for me to read from you and to know that you have interest in knowing me. I would love to know more about you as well.
My name is Marienette Maria and I am 34 years old. I am single and searching for a serious relationship which can last forever. I don't have a child and i have never been married. I don't thing age difference is a barrier to love. I would like to build a lovely family with a man who truly loves and cherish me. I am a christian and a woman who works very hard each day. I own a little shop where i sell clothes for women and children. I would like a man who believes we can make it together.

I am more than willing to build a happy and successful family. My greatest heart desire right now is to find love and build a family with a man with good values about love, life and family. I will love to know more about you and if we are compatible then i will be more than willing to share the rest of my days with you. I want someone who understands the true values of love, life and family. I do not seek riches neither gold or silver, but true love and sincerity. I am very simple, understanding and loving person. I would like to know more about you. Maybe we could be a good match for each other. I am searching for love on the internet for the first time and i really hope i get to meet the right person. 

Been through a lot of disappointments and heart break in the past but i still believe in true love. I know there's a good man who will be loving, understanding and honest to me. All i seek is a man with a good heart and someone who want to share his life with a good and honest woman. 

I sent to you some of my photos and i hope you like them. I would like you to send me more of your photos so that i can get to know the face of the man who is interested in having a relationship with me. Please tell more about yourself and the kind of relationship which you seek?

I hope to read from you again soon. Like i said i am only interested in a serious relationship. That's why i took time to express myself. I wish you a good day full of love, peace and happiness. A hug. Marienette.


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