Compliments of the season
I must commend you for responding back to me, I like to know you better and i want to tell you more about myself too. Once again my name is Skylar Anderson. I am 28 years old single lady never married, I am from Texas in United States. I am a united state military combat engineer officer working with United Nations peace keeping troop in Iraq on war against terrorism.
It would be pleasure to know more about you and i believe we can establish a good friendship. I want to tell you everything about myself and i hope you going to do same. I will tell you more about myself in next message.
I have in my possession the sum of $2.9 millions USD Which i made here in Iraq. I deposited this money with a Red Cross agent because of the law of UN. I want you to stand as my beneficiary to receive the fund and keep it safe because i don't trust Red Cross agent. I want you to help me and keep the money safe in your account so that as soon as am through with my mission here in Iraq, I will come over to you for us to meet face to face and know each other. I will give you 40% of the total money for your assistance and any money your going to spend on this deal after you have receive the money. please reply back to me if you are willing to work with me so that i can send you more information where the money is been keep by the Red Cross Agent.
Your urgent reply is highly needed.
Best Regards 
Skylar Anderson
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