Good day! Respected stranger, I wish to know how much you interesting in search and familiarity with new and wonderful woman? I'm Natalya. I hope to your like my picture. I'm also searching person with whom my life is quiet and astonishing. I am very merry, kindly and positive woman. But I still single and very tired of such life. So I come to a dating site and found you email. In reality, I'm look for real man for a serious friendship and even marriage in future. The main is my goal - I want to look a companion to my solitary life! I very much hope that you are precisely this a man. I'll be glad if we can find our common interests and our meeting is most wonderful moment in our future life.

Interested? Please write ONLY to my private mailbox:

I do not know how much you are interested in continuing our communication therefore more detail I write about myself later! I'll wait for your answer! See you soon, Natalychik


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