Hello! What's up? I'm glad that you wrote to me. So, we can start to
exchange our photos, biographies, our emotions and cultures if you a
wish. Please send me some of your latest photos. I'm serious in my
intentions so please show me your devotion also. I will hope that in
the future, we will be very good friends. I do not know what to say in
my first letter. This is something new and I. But I'll try and write
good letters to you. Please do not be too strict to my mistakes in
words, English is not my native language. And I hope will improve the
poor level of my language during communication with you. As for me, my
name is Natalya. I'm 33 years old now. I was born on July, 28,1986. My
weight makes 62 kg in height 167 centimetres, I do not smoke. I from
Russia, from city Divnogorsk which is in Krasnoyarsk region. At me the
higher medical education. I work in hospital as the accoucheur in
delivery room. I like my work. I live one, I do not have children.
Sometimes I feel like I'm very lonely in my house. Perhaps for this
reason I decided to get acquainted with You. I have home, work,
friends, but I can not say that I'm happy. Probably you felt? A
feeling of emptiness? I hope that you will not be Laugh. And we he
will write many letters to each other. I'm very happy and grateful
that you answered my letter. Are you interested in our dialogue. Well
what are you look and expect from woman to be you life partner,
perhaps just a girlfriend or mistress home, maybe the mother of your
children? Another question I would like to ask, what did you to answer
my previous letter, just interest or sympathy or politeness or maybe
something else? The distance between us problem for you? I hope that
our communication will continue. You are welcome tell me also your
preference in women. I send you some photos of me and my life.

P.S. Uuuf, finally I finished this letter yes, which it seems to be
more likely great and probably difficult to read, but I wrote it with
great inspiration and tried to say as much as possible about me.)))I
hope as you tell to me much that interesting about myself?! Wishing
you a very good day and hope to hear from you soon,Natalya.

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