Hello Elias!!!
Please send your photo! I am pleased to get the letter from You. I to
want to hear You more and I hope that find the good friend. My name is
Natalya to me 34 years. I much want to find the good friend hope, the
satellite during life You understand me and we can correspond with
you? I should like to report small about itself, this for me for the
first time I never got acquainted through Internet but I think do the
exception for itself. I have finished university, I doctor (the
surgeon medicine) work in clinic of 4 years. I much love the nature. I
live one in house in which there is 2 rooms, I have a cat by name
Fluffy. I have much friends. I much love to spend its free time with
them. I very pleased that I have a good friends... I think that
friends very important for each person. write me little about itself
as You, conduct its free time that You love. I wait anxiously your

Your friend Natalya!

Greetings. I am sorry for bothered you. Actually, I am tired of being alone and agreed to try out Net dating profile! I hope that this will be a new chapter in my future life. So,I will talk you a little bit about my person to know me better! I hope, that the written exchanges between us will not interrupt, and you are interested and open my e-mail. I don't really know where to start my story. I am never tried to tell to someone my character in the letter before. I'm can describe my individuality as the merry, strong, true girl. I am a tender girl though at the same time I'm a certain, person. I 've usually appreciated genuineness honesty and forthright. I rely on you're interested, that our correspondence will not interrupt. In the next email, I want to read more about u, your way of life. I am sending u my personal images. I want that u like it, and we can get closer to each other.

If you are interested Please reply ONLY to my regular email:

Best wishes, Nataha.

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