Hello how, are you i hope you and your family is fine?
do you remember me, I am nadia salia the girl that contacted you some time ago for a help.
Like I told you that I will never ever forget the good things you do for me when i was in senegal, and I promise that i will reward you once I complete the transfer with my new partner and i am here to fulfill my promise.
I want to let you know that i have completed the transfer with the help of my new partner from Bahamas. i am in Bahamas now with my new partner.
I appreciate all your effort to help me which fail us some how.
I give father Ujuma a bank draft of 300,000.00 US dollar to keep for you as my reward to you for all your effort to help can write mail to him,
If you collect the bank draft from father Ujuma, you will take it to any bank you like all over the world and they will cash the money for you.
this is father Ujuma email address.
ask him what you should do to get the bank draft i give him to keep for you.
your sister.

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