Hi! May I know your name?
Please email me about your age.
I was thrown by a guy from Canada, and left with his mistress in the United States.
I had to return to my homeland in Ukraine.
I do not like to live in Ukraine, for me it is dangerous, since I live in Donetsk.
Maybe I will find a serious man and he wants me to come to live with him, then I will leave Ukraine right away.
For a man who will feed me and dress, then I am ready to become your mistress.
Ready to fulfill all our intimate fantasies, but not cruel.
I need a man with an apartment, where I will be quietly and he will not drive me out into the street.
Are you able to support me as your woman? I can move to your home.
Please send me your photos. I want to see my man in the photo.
I send my greetings and photos.


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