Outing eines Scamvorgangs

This person took me for about 10,000,00 usd.I spent 600.00 on have her check out.

You can do what you want!But all she wants is youre money.I really do not know how you got my new email but you did.She still email me every day she calls me every dam day. She wants more money she is a lier.I really do thinks she has a boy friend that is putting her up to this.But i have more photos of her she will tell you how poor she is but she is not.I do not know how many guys she is doing this to.
BUT SHE IS A SCAM!!!!! You can google her email also... i have  her investigated 3 time
2 of them in the town she live in wish is Galati and one by a u.s based company.
PAYPAL told me some info about her.
They find out she was useing paypal to
Fraud people out of money.
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