Thanks for  sending  message here  to me  I really want to establish a long-term relationship with you, I will take this opportunity to tell you all about myself, I Lt.Gen.Patricia Horoho . Chief Medical Staff Judge Advocate Multi-National Force - Afghanistan. am from united state North Carolina but currently working here in Kabul Camp Afghanistan right now i am 59  years old  Military woman 
 I had a Husband who died in April six years ago after a failed sickness and die. I loved him very much and we have many similarities that made it difficult for me to indulge in some social activities after his death. I have only daughter  14 years old girl she is  schooling  in united states U.S.A . I have been alone for a very long time now and I have to admit that living alone can be very desperate and devastating,
 so I have decided to make changes in my life. Hence, I have decided to seek out to find a very special person, who one day may become my closest friend, lover, and partner in life.I am the only child of my parents, and they are both dead now. So it is this reason that brought me   elegant partner like you who will love to be with me. I do not intend to go back to USA after retirement; I prefer your 
country so that I will not remember the sad event of the past and have a quiet retirement with new civilian friends. My retirement is very near because most of my documents have been approved and requires final endorsement which is likely to be within some  Months  by March 12th 2020    i am a   Chief Medical Staff Judge Advocate Multinational Force-Afghanistan
  I am happy and delighted meeting you and i hope that our meeting through this medium will open doors of blessing and happiness in our lives. I am very sorry for the delay in responding, but it is because of the nature of our work here in the military camp. I hope this communication will afford us the opportunity to understand ourselves hope to hear from you soon okay 
please this my private email address am always online here in my email address thank you for telling me about your self  also  your Photo you send  here to me okay  the girl she is my only daughter Anita  one of there teacher taking care of her for me in there school in North Carolina now    please my dear will are in War Zone united  Nation Camp Kabul Afghanistan there not allowed us here to make use of Phone call or show cam will only make use of Radio Message or email  address or hangout Communication    thank,s
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