Hello Dear
Can we become friends?
I want to apologize 
if I disturbed you 
with this email, 
because maybe you don’t want to have 
real relationship. 
In case you don’t want to find
serious relationship such relations, 
just don’t reply to this letter… 
But still, I hope that you are a nice person and you’ll read my letter to the end and anwer it.
I’ve found your e-mail in internert a long time ago, 
but I hesitated to write to you.(( 
I never write It is not in my rules to write to a man first.  
I think that we have similar expectations now. 
If you are here on a dating site, you are looking for a partner to have relations, 
aren’t you? I like your country, culture, way of life and mentality of people. 
It is the biggest reason I made a decision to write to you, since I want to leave Russia.
If that’s all right to you, then we could get to know each other better. 
Is it ok?Is it ok for you? 
I am a single girl and Ihave a dream to meet a good man in your country to create a new relationship. 
Maybe it sounds quite naive, but I’m sure that you is able to 
to create strong and long-term relationships in the internet that will be grounded on feelimgs and faith.
But now I’d like to tell some facts about myself!) My name is Anna. 
I’m from Russia and I’m already 34 years old. 
My last relations finished around 6 months ago, it is quite a sad story so prefer not to remember about it. 
So I am a free woman))  
I am a dentist in one of the largest private dental practice in my city. Actually I deal with dentures and dental implants. 
I spend all my working time in the dental clinic. 
Thanks to my work I visited several countries where I improved my skills. 
Well, I am a workaholic. 
First it was great, but now I suffer from it, because I could not build serious relationship and now I really want to change this! 
But the time passes and it becomes more and more difficult to make new acquaintances and make lomg-term relationships. 
So difficult to believe people, especially on line. 
I was registered on some couple making sites, but there I met only ill people who only asked for sex and naked pics. 
That’s why I deleted my data from these web sites. 
I really understood that there were millions of bad people in the internet now. 
I nedd no games and I don’t need money. 
I have a good job and I can pay for my life.  Hope you understand what I am writing. 
In case you don’t like to read my letter and you have some doubts, just don’t answer my letter... Ok? 
I really hope you read this e-mail to the end… 
Do you like my photos? I would like to know more about you if you don’t mind of course. 
What do you like to do? Do you have hobby? I want to know as much as possible about you. 

Please write to this address !!.
Maybe you are my love?)Looking forward to get a letter from you. 
Yours Anna!
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