Hello Elias!!! Not Joke! I am pleased to get the letter from You. I to want

to hear You more and I hope that find the good friend. My name is
Polina to me 34 years. I much want to find the good friend hope, the
satellite during life You understand me and we can correspond with
you? I should like to report small about itself, this for me for the
first time I never got acquainted through Internet but I think do the
exception for itself. I have finished university, I doctor (the
surgeon medicine) work in clinic of 4 years. I much love the nature. I
live one in house in which there is 2 rooms, I have a cat by name
Fluffy. I have much friends. I much love to spend its free time with
them. I very pleased that I have a good friends... I think that
friends very important for each person. write me little about itself
as You, conduct its free time that You love. I wait anxiously your
photos and answer.

Your friend Polina!

Hello. I'm was lucky enough to write to you, excuse me beforehand if I'm had disturbed you I'm sorry for disturbed you.
The thing is that, I'm tired of being alone and decided to try Internet dating site. I hope that this will be a new stage in my future whole life.
So, to know me better I will tell u a little bit about myself for know me better! I hope, that the correspondence between us will proceed, and you are interested and read my letter.
I don't sure know where to begin my description. I'm never tried to describe to someone my character in the letter before.
I'm can describe my character as the solar, active, frank sincere person. I'm a kind person though at the same time I'm a proud, person.
I have always appreciated sincerity honesty and frankness. I hope you are interested, that our correspondence will proceed.
In the next letter, I want to read more about you, your way of life. I'm sending you my photo.
I hope that you like it, and we can get acquainted more. Yours faithfully, Polina.
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