Good evening;)
As your affairs?
I am class, that you have written to me to the answer. Possibly, we can to find out each other better|to start to communicate and to become good friends. I think, that love relations much more more strong if they occur between friends. You is solidary with me? 
And at present I will write pair of words about myself. My name is Alyona. To me thirty three year. I was born 8 January one thousand nine hundred eighty sixth year. My growth 165 sm, weight fifty four kg. I work as the secretary in to a private civil engineering firm. My work completely satisfies me at present. Perfectly I understand, that not about such work I dreamt, but I quite all is happy. I have got used to see optimistical in all the pluses. 
I very much optimistical the person. My work enough is monotonous, therefore I will not be to go into details about it. I perform a lot of paper work which demands attentive the relation to. I am easy This work does not make for me special work.
Estimate me you can on a photo which I have attached to my letter. I will be is happy if you will write to me pair of words about. 
I will begin to write much in this letter. I only have hope, that we can to become friends with you. I hope, that we can find out better each other. 
And I feed hope, that you liked my photos!
I stop the letter, but with impatience I wait your letter with huge impatience. I use this address qushaga@yandex.com !!!
All the best!
Your new friend, Alenka.


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