Dear friends:

Hope Everything goes well with you ,and wish you are safe and healthy !

In the special period, please stay at home and wear the face mask when you are outside.

Our factory produces below disinfection products, which can effectively kill many different Virus, please see the below details for it

1. It is Disinfectant Generator  

2. Only need add water and Salt into it to get Disinfectant

3.it have titanium alloy inside and it will have chemical reaction with water and salt together

4. It  reduce sodium hypochlorite with electrolyzation method

5: Portable disinfectant maker that 160ml

5:3mins fast electrolysis to get 160ml disinfectant

5:1200mah battery and can Use More than 15times to get 2600ml disinfectant in 1 time charging

6:safe self made disinfectant that no fire and No alcohol and non-toxic

7:it is our Patented Product we have got different certificate for it

Water and salt are be reduced to sodium hypochlorite (NaCLO) by electrolysis, and the disinfectant fluid with sodium hypochlorite is Acknowledged efficient Bactericide which can kill different Bacteria and Virus with Strong Function of Sterilization and Deodorization

All products meet CE, RoHS, FCC, and other international quality certification standards. If you are interested, please contact me for the price list.


Best regards,

Brent Allay


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