Salute. How’re you today?
I just want to apologize, when I disturbed you with this letter.
In that event, just don’t answer my letter. Yet, I believe that you will have time to read this letter and reply to it.
I met your email in the internet on a dating site some time ago, but I had no courage to write at least something to you .. To my mind we have common objectives at this time.
If I am right, are you also seeking for a soulmate to build long-term relationships? I really like the way of life, mentality of people and country where you live . Where exactly do you live in and what do you do for a living?
I consider we could try to get acquainted? What do you make of it?
I am a single woman and I want to find a man to creat serious relations .
As you see, I’m a quite romantic and a bit naive lady, and I believe that my lifestyle don’t bother you and I I don’t looki don’t seem to you officious .
I’d like to introduce myself now )))))
I am Irinochka. I live in Russia. I'm already thirty-four. My previous lovestory run out 
I am a well-experienced doctor so I earn well and provide everything I need for myself ))) And I hope you won’t compare me with somebody. I really don’t like this . Hope you understand me ))))
If you do not like my email or just have any doubts, then just don’t answer my email. All right?
I really hope you liked this message until the end … I hope that you liked my pics. In any case, I am really happy to share with you some details about myself and my life ! You must write to this e-mail address irnavorn@yandex.com !.
Do you want to be friends.. or more?  Why not?
Looking forward to get your reply )))


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