Hello xxx,
I appreciate your brief introduction mail about yourself it shows you actually know what you are seeking for in a woman. However here is a glimpse about myself and I hope it will give you a deeper insight of who I am! I will understand if you don't want to reply back but I will sincerely do appreciate if you can!

I was born in Queensland, central Queensland in Emerald Australia, my late parents immigrated to Toronto, Canada, so pratically I am Canadian by citizenship. However, I was put up for adoption after a big tragedy happen in the family which I really dont like talking about if you understand.  Six months later after the tragedy I was adopted by the Koop family who up to that point could not have children. 12 months later they became pregnant with my half brother and shortly after he was born we moved to London, Canada.  When I was seven (I now also had a new baby brother), my (adopted) father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and told he had only 4 to 6 weeks to live. He told the doctor he wasn't ready to die, he had things to do.  In fact he lived another six years (although it became a very sad painful existence in the end).

Shortly after his death my mother (who had been somewhat abusive to me, had a complete breakdown and the church removed me from that home and placed me with another family, temporarily, until my mother could regroup, I never went back.  I was very lucky in that my first two families were taken away and I still ended up with yet another wonderful family.  They had four kids of their own and just took me in as one of their own. 

I am a college educated and a graduate with a BSC in Communication Management. I am currently divorced with full custody of our children. I and my ex husband met while I was working at a private Social care home and the patients I was attending to happened to be his mother who later became my Mother- in- law because 15months later I was pregnant and we both decided to get married. He is a mechanical engineer and used to work on pipe line but due to his addiction to alcohol and drugs, he was relieved of his duty and the situation became from bad to worse.We lived Cresent Shaughnessy town, Vancouver for 15 years and during the separation I moved out of the mortgage home to Birch Street South Granville Heritage until the divorce was over.

I was in a violent marital relationship for 14 years until my children are grown up. At the beginning of my marriage, the first half of the first year, there wasn't any episodes of violence or abuse but after a year, things started to happen. Initially, I noticed some irrational behavior after I had my first child and it escalated from there and got worse.. I don't know how to say this but I have lost four pregnancies because of marriage abuse...I had no idea I had the option of leaving because I married at 21 and after my marriage my parents both late now made him sign some documents which had some clause.

As a registered Medical assistant with 13 years experience in the health & social care industry I am passionate about helping develop and co-ordinate a team of care workers to provide the highest standards of respect and care. Overall ensuring the dignity of the clients is maintained at all times. I love creativity and I’m a very open minded woman. I make mistakes I am only human but I do learn and this has made me the person I am today. I'm not looking to jump into any one night stand if you know what I mean but I like to establish a friendship at first based on mutual respect and trust. ..then see what happens. 

My ex-husband actually would not hide abuse from our children, sometimes he would have outbursts in front of them and somehow, I still believed it was better for me to stay for the good of my two children, not knowing that for young children to witness abuses it create a sore in their heart. I lost my identity as a result of the abusive marriage and I had believed in lies to the extent that I didn't believe in the ability to live an independent life.

The emotional abuse gradually became more intense to the extent that they noticed my behavior at my place of work because there was a day I went to work with bruises on my body. I was always depressed due to the physically and verbally abused by ex-husband and had long thought of suicide, even researching suicide methods online. My work experienced and my former colleagues helped me conquer the depression because my blood pressure is always high. Last year November, I was hospitalized for three months I suffered from excessive bleeding and chronic fatigue and my colleague who assisted me have had similar situation in the past though she tried to offer me support but it was very hard for me to open up because I had lost my identity and anytime I tried to resolve the problem on my own I always feel threatened by my ex-husband.

On Feb 22nd, 2017, with the help of the Police he was arrested and issued a restraining order but then he didn't obey the order because he kept on sending threatening letters and mails me to the extent that he located me to the new apartment I moved to but with the assistance and advise of some counsellors I made the decision to run away and I succeeded by visiting my Uncle with my two children to Glasgow, Scotland to stay with my uncle who is a Reverend father with St Jude Catholic Church here in Glasgow and I have been keeping a low profile since then.

I believe honesty is the only way to build a friendship and a solid relationship, hope am right??, It will take me a book to describe myself. It is hard to describe oneself but if I were to say a little about me then I would say comprehensively I'm very romantic and I plan on enjoying life to it's fullest. I'm very simple and i take life simple, I am a fun loving, gentle person with a loving heart. I have a lot of old fashion values life is to short, we never know what tomorrow will bring. Everyday is a fresh start to our lives & yesterday is water under a bridge. So let's live life and always smile. I would do anything to make my friends and family happy and secure. I am not one to make judgments of others and I would like to be treated the same way. I believe in the 'golden rule' and I try my best to live what I believe.

I will stop here so I don't bore you with my true life experience...
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