Hi dear Jonas,

I heard all what you said in your mail you send to me. I accept your response to you. About what you said that, you want to meet me and discuss how we move on, make this mission because, it is a very big fund. And, ask me if I can come to meet you there in your country or I can invite you to meet me to discuss about this business together. That's a good idea and good suggestion we be made there but, the problem there is all about the nature of this business we are doing together here in our bank with the condition of deposit of the money as it was in a suspense and dormant account in our bank custody for many years without claim. 

I want to let you know as the initiator of this business that contacted and involved you to do this business with me for our own success and mutual benefit at the end. You should know that, there is nothing we can not discuss about this business by email communication without you coming to my country. And, if you rally want to come to my country for this business, your own name and personal information, must first of all, register and program into our bank compute database contract file system as the owner of this $ 16.5 million. And also, as one of those foreign investors, contractors and suppliers, the Government of my country, Cote d'Ivoire, award the contract works and supply projects, here in 2010 so that, when you will come to our bank, our bank will see everything legal, genuine, legitimate and real.

The business as you can understand it now from me, does not need your own present here in our bank and country in person for security reasons. You do not need to come or visit my country in person for this business because of the nature of the business and the deposit. You and Me, the two partner's and owner of this business now, knows the truth of this business with this money in our bank as the source of the money. You and me, knows that, this contract money ( $ 16.5 million ) in our bank, does not belong to you or to me. And the contract work and supply project,

So please, I want you to reason and understand with me in this business and follow everything with me accordingly to avoid any problem or loosing of this money at last. If it is possible for you to visit my country Cote d'Ivoire and do the business together here in our bank without having any problem, I will invite you to come to my country in person to see me face to face and do the business together with our bank, claim the money and transfer all to your bank before we will travel back to your country together to share all the money according to the percentage we agree together. 

But, the problem now is that, the nature of the business dos not want you to visit or come to my country to do anything in this business for our own security and safety of this money in question. That's why we need a good and well experience financial Attorney from my country, Cote d'Ivoire, to represent you in every area your own present will be needed in this business to make everything look 100% real, genuine, legal and legitimate to our bank and, to all the Government financial authority's and institution and ministries that controls any money going out and coming into the country. So please, I don't want us to use our own hands to jeopardize or damage our own successful business we have at hand which, I am going to use your own name and personal information you will give me, to make you the real an d legal bonafide owner of this money that did the contract works and supply projects here in 2010. 

As soon as the money transfer and confirm into your bank account, I will stop my work with our bank, get my Visa with other important travel documents, to meet you there in your country in person face to face to share all the money with you according to the percentage we agree together. But, before we share all the money, we will first of all, deduct out our own money we spend in this business, from the 10% I set aside from the total sum of $ 16.5 million, and share the rest. Attached files are my personal picture I am sending to you to see and know the real person that contacted you to do this business with me together and share all the money with me so that, you will not have any fear or doubt mind against me and the business.

Now, I want you to reply me and ask me any question you want to ask me in any area you do not understand well so that I will give you the answers to your full understandings before we move to next step

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Regard, Miss Roseline Nzete

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