Hello Jonas
Thanks for your kind response and as a matter of fact, i am very happy to read your mail. 
How is life over there, hope you and your family are fine, am fine over here in Afghanistan. 
I will be very happy to know more about you. Like i said i am Sgt Sara Tagra Brown, (born 1988) I'm an American sergeant and military
United States Army sergeant, the only surviving child of my late parents and medic who became the first woman during 
the War in Afghanistan and the second woman since world war II to receive the Silver Star, the United States military's third-highest 
medal for valor in combat. I am presently on active duty in Afghanistan where American soldiers are deployed to fight for Peace-keeping against the ISIS terrorist/militant groups.
I enrolled into the army as a conscript when I was 24 years old and I graduated from the Officer Cadet School as a 2nd Lieutenant. Am assigned to the combat battalions, am serving as a battalion squad 1, 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team and my job is to oversee personnel issues within the battalion, including awards, casualties, human resources and other administrative responsibilities.
I did my college education in Hawaii, graduating with a degree in Business Administration majoring in Management Information Systems. I have a Masters in Management Information Systems from Canada. Before joining the army, I worked for an American software company (SPSS) for about 2 years, managing the Asia Pacific Channel business in New Zealand. After the death of my mother in Sept. 11, 2001. I break from work to spend some time with my father. Finally, I joined the Army fully to fight for justice against the world terrorism, and in 2005 my father passed away.
Certainly, this is to bring to your notice, here in the military zone we are not allow to make use of mobile phone, we only make use of radio message and email communication. 
As for my personality, well... one thing for sure is that, I am an easy going woman, straight-forward and direct, kind and good-heart. I like nature a lot. In USA, I do long distance walk every day and sometimes on weekends. I just get myself a train ticket and go to any city to spend a few days checking out interesting places and the people. I hardly touch alcohol (sorry) unless on special occasions. A glass of good red wine is enough for me; I do not gamble or frequent bars and clubs. I do not smoke, I am a very sociable and pleasant person. I am a very decent woman and God fearing. I do have regards and respect for every human being, I will tell you more about myself in my next mail when i hear back from you.
Your urgent reply will be highly appreciated.
Thank you
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