Good morning how are you 
I wish you all the best in the new year 2020
sorry for been late in my replied

Greetings  .
How are you and your family doing today, i hope all is well with you? First i will have to say that I am sorry for my late reply to your message, i have been busy with work, as we went on outside work, I am very happy for meeting you here and i will be willing to open my heart to know more about you. I am 29 years old, presently am in Yemen working as an American Military Officer.

Knowing one another does not take years, it just take seconds to meet someone and be good friends, that i why i sent you message in the first place, because your profile caught my attention and i will like to know more about you and be friends with you, if you do not mind and i will tell you more about myself when i get your reply.

Are you married or single, do you have any children, how old are you, and what do you do for living, i want to know more about you and i do not mind coming to your country once am done with my service here I hope to hear from you again, please do take care of yourself and have a nice day .
Sgt Miss ,Schieble Anderson.
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