Compliment of the day my dear friend 
it is my pleasure having you as my friend, Like i said my name is Sgt. Shannon  kim Cletus, a US Citizen from Charlotte, North Carolina and also an Army officer. I am serving in the UK Army base in Scotland but right now I am leading a troop in Iraq, I am working with United Nations peace keeping troop in Iraq against terrorism. I am serving in the military of the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq. I Love meeting people, reading, playing guitar, traveling and also sharing ideas, I care about nature, human being, love arts, environment, social culture.etc. I am 32 years old single woman.
About me, I have a loving heart and am very respectful and kind Woman, i am a Christian, I never judge others and am very compassionate, i love to appreciate the little things in life and am very respectful. Dear, i have my reasons to contact you as i have something very important to share with you in my next mail. I wish to start a very strong relationship with you and my relationship with you will bring a lot of great changes in our life. I want you to understand that relationship does not count distance and age, maybe we can start as friend. Knowing one another is a gradual process i will like to know your occupation, your country, your age, your marital status and your Religious believe. i will also love to see your recent pictures, I know we just know each other but we can share ideas and discuss about important things and more issues as we talk about ourselves. like i always says i have very important issue to share and discuss with you in my next mail so that you will give me a solution about it. I am glad reading your message and as it stands now Iraq is some how calm and there is no much conflicts. Let me stop here for now, i expect an urgent respond from you soon.
Yours Friend,
SGT Shannon Cletus
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