Hello dear
Thanks for your response as a responsible and reliable friend. I will like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Sergeant. Stella Stanley, am 34 years old 
I was born on the 10/12/1985, at Cedars Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles, I attended North Valley Military Institute, my mom was a headteacher and dad was in the medical field.
It's unfortunate my mom is late,  my beloved mom died few month after the death of my father through heart attack because she was always thinking of my late father knowing they were happily in love and happy couple she couldn't live without my dad,
due to the nature of my Job I have been to so many countries and I've met with different personalities. I am  Senior Sergeant.  I am currently stationed in Islamic Republic of  Syria on a peacekeeping mission and I will like to get you acquainted.
I requested for an email communication because it would give us some privacy to discuss private matter. Actually we have not met, but getting to know someone begins in one day and i will like to get acquainted with you, 
I am loving, honest and caring person with a good sense of humor, I enjoy meeting new people and knowing their way of life, I enjoy watching the sea waves and the beauty of the mountains and everything that nature has to offer.
Let me stop here for now, i expect an urgent response from you soon and also tell me about yourself.
Yours Faithfully,
Sgt Stella Stanley. 
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