How are you today? I hope everything is well.
I am sending my Mail and I hope that you areordinary human. 
It is not myprimaryexperienceto meet someone in Internet. My previous connectionsfared to be married men.
Creating a realrelationis the maingoal. I pretend for this even after all the failures. I will correspond a bit about my life.
You can call me Svitlana. I live in UA-ukraine, after all I have been supposing more and more about changing my place of residence.
I'm already 35 years old, I realize that it is too late, the time ispassing. Therefore, I do not have the possibility to actsilly games.
I am an educated, kindwoman, as well as a goodhousekeeper. I am working in dentistry. I have no financial difficulties.
It is theresume of my life. If our goalsfit, you couldreply me. Correspond about youself!
Whether we are interested in each other, I think we haveanability. Now the option is yours.
Please write to me on this mail  
I will be looking forward for your answer. Sveta.
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