Hello. I have long thought what to write to you and did not dare to do this.
But I gathered with thoughts and you received this letter.
My name is Olena or just Lena. I am 33 years old. I live in Ukraine.
I think you've heard about my country in the news.
I work in the field of beauty (manicure, visagiste) and help people look better.
This is a very interesting, creative work and I always find myself in communication with different people.
I will not talk much about work now, because we will always have time to talk about it later.
In my free time, I like to do sports. I very rarely drink alcohol and do not smoke, but I normally communicate with people who smoke.
I've never been married and I don't have a children. I love sport and I lead a healthy, active lifestyle.
I'm not afraid of household chores. My house is always clean and smells delicious food.
Because of my job, I don't have time to meet men on the street. To be honest I'm even a little shy about it.
This is why I decided to search for my man on the Internet.
I have been to Europe several times and noticed that the attitude to women there is different.
In other countries men love and respect their women.
I won't say bad things about Ukrainian men, but in general, most of them don't appreciate what they have.
I used to work hard and support myself. I don't need financial assistance or a sponsor.
I need a serious man who is ready for a serious relationship. I, like any woman, have my dream! Dream of being happy.
I need a simple man who will love me and on whom I can always rely in difficult times.
I'm not looking for a pen pal friend, and once again, I'm only interested in a serious relationship.
If you are free from relationships and ready for a serious relationship, then we have a lot in common.
I think that in our time, distance is not a problem. We can always get on a plane and fly anywhere in the world.
I'll send you some of my photos so you can see what I look like. I will be waiting for your photos too.
I hope that I did not make a mistake when I wrote to you, and I will get your quick response. Your new friend Olena.

Hi Elias, my new friend =) I am happy that I received an answer from
you! When I saw that you wrote me a letter, my mood immediately rose I
hope that this feeling will be mutual and that I will also be able to
cheer you up with my letter. I can not help but ask you, what do you
think about the situation in the world? Because of this pandemic, the
world seemed to be going crazy. I hope you and your relatives are
okay? I watch the news and see how many countries are lifting
restrictions and living slowly is starting to bounce back. In Ukraine,
the situation with this virus has almost returned to normal. What is
the situation in your country? I don't have Whatsapp. Because my phone
is push-button. You can only call and send SMS on it. I don't need
another phone. Because social networks are not interesting for me.
With everyone with whom I communicate, I see them at work and it makes
no sense for us to use any programs for communication. If I need to
talk to my friend about something, I can call her, we will meet and
talk about what we wanted. I think personal communication is much
better than communication through the network. Darling, why didn't you
send me your picture? I would really like to see you pull out! Why
didn’t you comment on my letter? I would like you to write about
yourself in your next letter, I am very interested in how and where
you live. To begin with, I would like to tell you a little more about
myself, I hope that you will like me and you will find me an
interesting conversational partner or maybe something more =) So, as
you know, my name is Olena, but my relatives call me Lena. I will only
be glad if you contact me the same way. In my free time I like to go
in for fitness, so I have a good athletic build, despite the fact that
I am 33. My height is 172 cm and weight 53 kilograms. I was born and
lived all my life in the city of Krivoy Rog, Ukraine. Have you heard
anything about my city? I would be very interested to know in which
city you were born and lived? I was educated in a regular Ukrainian
school, like most children in our country. I studied well and most of
all I had success in English. After graduation, I decided that I would
become a teacher of foreign languages. I entered the Pedagogical
University of Ukraine, after graduation I already had the profession
of a teacher of foreign languages ​​and the ability to speak English
well. I tried a lot of time to get a job, but all attempts to find
normal working conditions were in vain. Unfortunately, in my country,
teachers receive too low a salary, despite the fact that you have to
work hard and devote a lot of time to this. Because of this, I had to
find a job with normal conditions. I thought for a long time what I
can do, so that it brings me pleasure and good profit. I remembered
that from early childhood I loved to do all sorts of hairstyles and
makeup. I decided that I could do this professionally. I went through
several stylist courses and got a job. I am happy that I found a job
to my liking and I’m not making bad money on it. I work in a beauty
salon, and I also conduct master classes for those who also want to
start doing this. I would be interested to know more about you, what
path have you traveled and who are you working now? I want to tell you
about my past relationships. Perhaps it will not be interesting for
you, but I just want to speak out and hear your opinion, I will feel
calmer if you know about it. In the past, I suffered a lot from the
unreasonable distrust and jealousy of my ex-man. He was furious that I
worked hard and did not pay him as much attention as he wanted. He was
constantly jealous of me and looked for an excuse to create a scandal.
He was sure that I was flirting with men at work, but this is stupid,
because all my clients are women. Even if I work with men, I would
never allow myself to flirt with them or talk on topics that are not
related to my work. I am well-educated and for me in a relationship,
loyalty to my loved one plays a big role! I tried many times to talk
with him and explain that there is no reason to be jealous of me or
follow me. But unfortunately he never listened to me and always told
me the same thing. Over time, I was very tired of all this and we had
to leave. I believe that it is impossible to build relationships
without trust, because it is very important. How can you communicate
and say that you love a person if you do not trust him? Do you think
I'm right? I would like to hear what you think about this. I am
looking for a man to live a quiet life with him, full of love and joy.
I just want ordinary female happiness. I would like to live with a
person who can listen to me and support me in something. I am not a
jealous girl and I understand that sometimes you need to spend time
without a second half, for example, in company with friends. I
understand perfectly that everyone can have some kind of hobby. I do
not take badly any male hobbies and meetings with friends. What do you
think about this? I think it is impossible to tell you everything
about me in one letter, but you can always ask questions that interest
you and I will be happy to answer them. I will finish my letter and go
do my homework. I hope to see your answer. Your new friend Olena.
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