I must start my letter by saying the reason why i wrote you. You're very interesting for me as a man.
I think that you are looking for girl for new relationships and create a family. I am right?
Im seeking a serious man, definitely not younger as compared to me.
I wanna to meet my soulmate. Strong, brave and caring who will respect and love me.
My name is Ina, I i am 34 years old. How old are you?
In the profile i saw that you live in United States? England?
I live in Ukrainian, i hope to get to know each other will not be a problem.
I hope you like my pictures. By the way, i'm also wait for your pictures.
It is quite important and interesting to me.
They required to see a partner in order to begin interesting dialog.
If you are interested, then we can continue our communication more detail in the following letter.
Have a wonderful day Ina
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