Good time . I was very pleased to see your answer to me in my letter to you.
I immediately wanted to apologize for not immediately answering you. My daughter studies and lives in another city,
therefore there was absolutely no time to check your email inbox. I immediately wanted to apologize for not immediately answering you.
I am writing to you from the mailbox, which is my personal one, and if you want to answer, I will wait for your letter here.
I never corresponded and did not meet on the Internet. But my best friend Anna found a husband through the Internet.
She advised me to contact the Internet agency. You probably want to know where I got your e-mail,
In the Internet agency I was offered several e-mails and photos. I chose to write to you. I hope you are happy, because now we have the opportunity to communicate.
I am looking for my love and I do not want to play with feelings. I need only a serious relationship without cheating and games.
I repeat once again that this is the first time I am chatting with a man through a computer and I don’t worry much. 
I want to write you a little about myself: My name is Svetlana . I am 39 years old, I have a daughter who is already 19 years old.
I live in the beautiful city of Izhevsk, the Republic of Udmurtia. I seek happiness in this life.
I want to meet my soul mate, because a person cannot live alone. I already had sad experience in building relationships,
but nothing good came of it, I was very painfully wounded right in the heart. And I do not want to make mistakes and suffer anymore. 
I want to meet such a man who will love me, respect and appreciate every minute spent together. I work as a manager in a construction organization.
I have my own one-bedroom apartment in which we live with my daughter, by the way her name is Veronika.
My daughter is already an adult, she takes almost all decisions on her own, but still she always listens to my advice.
I hope that you will answer my letter and we will continue our acquaintance. I understand that there is a big difference between us in languages, culture, and country.
But I believe that this should not bother us. You will be interested to know more about me, about my country and its customs. 
And I’m interested in learning more about you. I am writing you an email through Google translator. But I learn very fast. 
I studied English at school and know a little of it, although it was already a very long time ago.
I hope this is not a problem for us. I will help you help to learn my language, and you will help me. I think it will be interesting))) to study each other.
I think that the main thing for a person is not outside, but inside. The most important thing is what is the inner world.
I believe that we will not have problems with our acquaintance, it will be very interesting.
I have been putting off my savings for a long time. I have enough money to visit another country. But now it’s still very early to talk about it.
I hope that in this letter I was able to write my intentions and purpose in life. I will be very waiting for your letter. I hope we succeed.
I am sending you my photo. In the next letter I will write a little more. With the wishes of all the best, your Svetlana.

I am glad to see a letter from you again. I was very worried that you would not answer me, but when I received your letter I am very glad.
It is very interesting to receive a letter from another country. I want to know you better.
How do you live? What are you doing? Where do you work? How do you relax?
What do you think of me when you read my letter? I want to get to know you more. How do you live in your country?
I have a lot of questions. But I will write only a few, so that you would not be tired of my inquiries.
Answer those that you consider necessary to answer. You can ask me any questions. I will try to answer you too.
But if I do not answer some questions, ask me again.We communicate in different languages, and I may not understand your question.
Here are my options: (height 171 cm, weight 67 kg, volume: bust - 93 cm, waist - 69 cm, hips - 97 cm, date of birth November 15, 1980)
What are your intentions for me? What do you expect from meeting me? (I want a serious relationship). Have you traveled to Russia?
Do you want to visit Russia in the future? Who do you think should be the leader in the family? The man? Or a woman?
What role should women play in the family? It is very interesting for me to read your answers to questions. I hope you answer that.
But if you don’t have time to answer, I will understand. You can answer later, in the next letter for example.
I think that man and woman should not be the same. They may have different interests.
They must understand each other and trust each other. Then there will be harmony in the family.
I am sure that the most important thing in a relationship is trust and mutual respect. You cannot cheat.
You can’t cheat even in small things. Then there will be trust. Indeed, without trust there is no love.
A woman should accept her man as he is! This is her man! He is alone for life. A woman must be faithful to her man and satisfy his needs.
But a man must love his woman and take care of her. What do you think about it? Am I right in my statements? Now a little about me.
My name is Svetlana, I have an adult daughter Veronika.  I've never been married. I gave birth to a daughter after a long relationship,
but then I was still very young, it seemed to me that I would be happy with that person, and he deceived me and went to live with his mistress.
I live in my own apartment. I have a sister, her name is Marina, she is married and she has a son who is 9 years old,
She works as a teacher in a kindergarten, I help her sometimes when I visit her. I really love my nephew, he goes to school.
I often help him do his homework when I visit him. My day starts at 8:00. I wake up, wash and jog around the park, not far from where I live.
After a run, I take a shower, have breakfast and go to work. I have a Hyundai Getz car. I am not a very good driver))))
But I get to work without incident. Although I do not like to drive a car. My work day starts at 9:00. I finish work at 22:00 - 23:00.
But sometimes I have to stay at work longer. Before the pandemic, I did not work every day. We had shifts and my work was in 1 day.
But now we have reduced staff and I work every day, so unfortunately I probably will not be able to write to you every day.
But you should know that I will always answer your letter. I can’t write to you on other networks, such as Facebook, VK and others,
because I’m not registered there, I don’t always have time, I don’t need to write a letter to you,
and even more so there’s not enough time for these networks, and my opinion about these networks is that I consider them useless.
It’s easier and more convenient for me to communicate via mail, because I can use a translator to understand your letter to me completely.
I decided to write about this right away. How long is your working day? I already wrote that I work as a manager in a construction company,
I am responsible for the procurement of building materials from suppliers. After work, I go home. I try to spend my days off with my family.
Or sometimes I go for a walk with my friends. We go to a cafe or a movie, they started to open them with us.
It may seem to you that my life is very eventful and interesting, but all my friends have their love, their half, families and children.
Of course I would really like to chat with you on Skype, but there is no camera on my computer.
I have the most ordinary and simple computer, since 2009. Now our country is experiencing an economic crisis and everything is very expensive,
so I don’t want to spend money on camera, because I saved up a long time on the trip and if we decide that I should come to meet you,
then I want me to have enough money for everything. I am very cheerful. I do not like to be sad. I think everyone deserves to love and be loved!
It doesn’t matter, rich or poor! Young or adult. No matter what position we take in society. We must love and be loved. Write me more about yourself.
I want to get to know you better. I am sending you a new photo. I will try to send a photo in each letter. I will look forward to your reply.
Your friend from Izhevsk Svetlana.


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