Salut friend. live in Russian citizen, work in medicine. have Left on this site your personal data hoping, that they look person, which are interested in acquaintance with me. I'm are interested with man solid, which has a feeling of humor and in this with whom managed would find common ground. I easily find most people, however I need, with whom you I would were able sharing all their joys and concerns. The Man, with which our understanding of it would be complete. realize that perfection is hard achieve, but you understand that can just approach to him, and I inspiring. I 30 years. I optimistic and cheery people, who agree to understand any person, if only he adequate and able agree. All necessary, we could be to find out correspondence, finding common ground. Think that having common ground to first and important a sign, what we meet is not accidental. And then we could be to continue communication, and I told myself more. I'm looking for serious relationship wish to create a family expensive man, to have children and be happy.

Interested? Please reply ONLY to my personal email: tainstvennaya@seznam.cz

we have a skype and phone we could to chat there. Your new girlfriend!


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